College Scholarships

We believe in the power of education at Haeger Orthodontics and feel it is the key to a successful, fulfilling life.


“Education was my ticket to getting where I am today. So if there is any way I can assist others to achieve their dreams, I would like to help,” says Dr. Haeger.

bailee_dephelpsAs a way to emphasize education and reward patients for their achievements in high school, Haeger Orthodontics awards scholarships to selected graduating seniors each spring. Current or previous patients and their family members are eligible to apply (an email notification will be sent to current and former patients when applications are being accepted.) All completed applications received by the deadline are considered. The selection process is completely objective; each application is number-coded and the name and school information is removed. Dr. Haeger personally reviews and selects recipients on a point based system.

Scholarship application information

Who is eligible?
Current or previous patients or their family members may apply.

When can I apply?
You can apply in February and March. Look for an email announcement in February.

When are applications due?
Applications are due around March 31st each year.

How are winners selected?
All applications received by the deadline are coded and made anonymous. Dr. Haeger makes his selection based on a point system that considers students’ answers to open-ended questions, academic standing, test scores and other factors.

How many scholarships does Haeger Orthodontics award?
It varies, but usually four to six scholarships each year.

Why does Haeger Orthodontics donate so many scholarships?
We want to emphasize the importance of education and reward as many patients as possible for their excellence in high school.

When are winners selected?
Winners are selected in early May.

Download scholarship application (PDF)


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