For New Patients

During the complimentary initial examination, a treatment coordinator will meet with you about your concerns and outline Haeger Orthodontics’ comprehensive services. If needed, a digital x-ray and photos of your teeth may be taken.

Using these images as a baseline, Dr. Haeger conducts a thorough exam to assess your current and future needs. If orthodontic treatment is recommended, he will discuss the various alternatives, explain his recommendation and estimate treatment duration, while answering any other questions you may have.

If you are ready to proceed with treatment at your first visit, we may take some additional x-rays and molds (impressions) of the teeth in order to get you started. Committing to treatment at this first visit eliminates a couple of future visits and will result in a $100 savings off your full orthodontic fee.

Once a potential plan of action has been agreed upon, the treatment coordinator explains the orthodontics costs related to each of the payment options. We encourage you to tell us about any financial concerns you may have, so that the treatment coordinator can answer all your questions and individualize your plan.

Treatment Philosophy

“My basic philosophy is to give the patient the highest quality finish with the greatest long term stability – in the shortest time possible. I will start by asking the question, ‘What if we do nothing?’ and if we don’t like the answer, we will then discuss the options to change that. Because there are often many ways to proceed with orthodontic treatment, I want the patient (and the parent) to be actively involved in the decisions,” explains Dr. Haeger.

Whenever possible, we recommend a single-phase approach for orthodontia. However, sometimes younger patients benefit from a two-phase treatment. You can be confident that Dr. Haeger’s evaluation considers every factor including lifestyle, cost and time efficiencies.